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Non-Fiction (discounted)

Faith D'Aluisio
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Sitting down to a daily family meal has long been a tradition for billions of people. But in every corner of the world this age-old custom is rapidly changing. From increased trade between countries to the expansion of global food corporations like Kraft and Nestlé, current events are having a tr ... Read More about
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John Heilemann, Mark Halperin
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“It’s one of the best books on politics of any kind I’ve read. For entertainment value, I put it up there with Catch 22.” —The Financial Times   “It transports you to a parallel universe in which everything in the National Enquirer is true….More interesting is what we learn about the candidates them ... Read More about
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After the sexual revolution came the sexual explosion The six years between 1968 and 1973 saw more sexual taboos challenged than ever before. Film, literature, and theater simultaneously broke through barriers previously unimagined, giving birth to what we still consider to be the height of sexual e ... Read More about
Look around: the largest migration in human history is under way. For the first time ever, more people are living in cities than in rural areas. Between 2007 and 2050, the world’s cities will have absorbed 3.1 billion people. Urbanization is the mass movement that will change our world during the tw ... Read More about
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The U.S. counterintelligence community identifies Abu Musab al-Suri as the most important theorist of the global Islamic jihad and considers his manifesto to be the most important strategic document produced by al Qaida or any jihadi organization in more than a decade. But to Americans his 1,600-pag ... Read More about
A New Republic Editors' and Writers' Pick 2012 A New Yorker Contributors' Pick 2012 A Newsweek "Must Read on Modern India" “For people who savored Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers.”—Evan Osnos, From the author of Better To Have Gone, a portrait of the incredible change a ... Read More about
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Arlie Russell Hochschild
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The National Book Award Finalist and New York Times bestseller that became a guide and balm for a country struggling to understand the election of Donald Trump "A generous but disconcerting look at the Tea Party. . . . This is a smart, respectful and compelling book."--Jason DeParle, The New York Ti ... Read More about
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