The Titan Protocol (Hardcover)

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A special ops mission in Nigeria falls apart when Jimmy Taylor and his team sustain massive casualties from a rogue drone strike. It's another dead lead for CIA operative Naomi Kaufman who masterminded the operation to uncover an international arms smuggling ring and prevent a cache of state-of-the-art AI weapons from ending up in terrorist hands.

Back in the states, Jimmy's best friend Isaac is reeling from the news of his death when he's tasked with breaking into the largest US defense contractor for his job at renowned security firm, Peregrine. He never expected to stumble upon a black-market weapons trade based in rural Montana while doing so.

Fueled by a desire to uncover who is responsible for Jimmy's death, he teams up with his old contact Naomi. Together, with an assortment of former and present-day Government operatives, they launch a rogue operation that pits them against dangerous drug lords, a deadly female assassin, and a tangled web of classified secrets.

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ISBN: 9798986323206
Publisher: David Scott Books
Publication Date: August 16th, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English