Czarface: A Czar is Born (Paperback)

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Hero to some, villain to others, Czarface's true origins have remained a mystery...UNTIL NOW! Who are the Zarta Ku? And why has their desperate mission brought them to Planet Earth? Meanwhile, Zach and his dog were just a washed up wrestling tag team making ends meet on the comicon circuit when they crossed paths with a woman who will change both their lives forever. Written by Czarface's own Esoteric (Merry X-Men Holiday Special) with art by veteran illustrator Ariel Olivetti (Cable; Punisher War Journal), this landmark original graphic novel is a must-have for Wednesday warriors, wrestling marks, and hip-hop heads--or fans of all three combined!
Product Details
ISBN: 9781940878720
ISBN-10: 1940878721
Publisher: Z2 Comics
Publication Date: November 2nd, 2021
Pages: 120
Language: English