Aquarium Maintenance Notebook: : Fish Hobby Fish Book Log Book Plants Pond Fish Freshwater Pacific Northwest Ecology Saltwater Marine Reef (Paperback)

Aquarium Maintenance Notebook: : Fish Hobby Fish Book Log Book Plants Pond Fish Freshwater Pacific Northwest Ecology Saltwater Marine Reef Cover Image
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Aquarium Maintenance Journal

This Aquarium Maintenance Journal is a perfect way to capture all your steps of caring for your indoor fish, general cleaning of your tank, equipment care and water quality observations while you're caring for your fish. Easily keep all your aquarium care plans and ideas all in one place. Planning your project has never been so easy.

Each section contains prompts & space for:

Aquarium Worksheet - Includes General Maintenance, water change, general cleaning, gravel cleaning, algae cleaning basically taking care of the overall tank setup.

Aquarium ID- Record the size of the tank, date of the cleaning and maintenance.

Equipment Maintenance - Checklist style for filter maintenance, media cleaned and replaced, air pump and hoses, and lighting was checked, space to add more items...

Water Quality - Space to write the water quality, PH level, ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and the general hardness of the water.

General Care and Observations - Note space to write down your feeding, spawning, water temperature and quality, medications added including brand and dosage, water conditioner added, and any disease diagnosis.

Expenses - Keep Track your equipment expenses, fish/plants, maintenance, food, supplies, with space to add more and easily be able to refer back to this page.

Supply List - Extra note space for your fish tank items, quantity, supplier and the date purchased.

Plant Inventory - More note space for each of your fish tanks, what species, date added and extra note space for recording your thoughts and ideas.

Health History - Keep track of each pet fish name, which tank number, date of sickness, what was the treatment plan, number of days treated and whether the outcome was successful or not using the check the box method.

Feeding Log - Use the days of the week morning, noon and night check marks, tank number and which month it is to track the feeding schedule for each fish.

Whether you're a first time fish owner or have been at it for a while, you will want to write everything down in this notebook to look back on and always remember your aquarium adventures.

Use it every day for writing your experiences. Also makes a great gift for kids. Keeping all your information in one spot has never been so easy. Make your memories last forever.

This Aquarium Maintenance journal will help you keep track of your own personal aquarium adventures. Size is 8 X10 inches, 110 pages, soft matte finish cover, white paper, paperback. Get one today.

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