Mausoleum: A Ben Abbott Mystery (MP3 CD)

Mausoleum: A Ben Abbott Mystery Cover Image
By Justin Scott, Joe Barrett (Read by)
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When the three-hundred-year-old village cemetery at Newbury, Connecticut, is invaded by a gaudy, half-million-dollar mausoleum, Ben Abbott is not happy. Newcomer Brian Grose's tall, mirror-polished monument of eternal ego sticks out in the peaceful burial ground and has been nicknamed "McTomb" by the locals. But no one expected to find Grose's body locked in his mausoleum fifty years ahead of schedule. The agents from Homeland Security Immigration Criminal Enforcement descend and point the finger at Charlie Cubrero--an illegal immigrant, farmhand, and supposed gang leader--but Ben Abbott doesn't buy it. He knows that half the town was mad at Grose. Besides, Ben has his own reasons for wanting to protect the hard-working Cubrero from a too-close scrutiny.
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ISBN: 9781433213113
ISBN-10: 1433213117
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: March 1st, 2008
Language: English