REN-SHEN Half Spirit (Paperback)

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In the first of the REN-SHEN series, Steve Nedelkin begins his journey into the supernatural world. After experiencing a series of tragic events at a martial-arts fighting tournament, Steve begins to learn the truth of his ancestral ties. His path leads him to Japan where he finds true love with the beautiful Megumi. He also gains more insight into his other-worldly abilities with the help of Temyana, a powerful Orphic priestess bound to his bloodline under an ancient oath.All is dramatically taken away from him by his very own father-in-law, the evil Kumicho, a powerful demon and one of The Few.Steve finds redemption in Fujian China with the god Si-Ming, Director of Destinies. He quickly discovers his inextricable link to the great Five Ancestors of Shaolin - which ultimately reveals his divine decree as REN-SHEN, God of Justice.But to summon his god, he must find what Kumicho took away from him .... his humanity.The author, Chris Milanko, welcomes you on this journey. The combination of his 30 years involvement in teaching martial arts and his professional background offers a unique story-writing combination. He is totally committed to the REN-SHEN series of novels and beyond. Join him in the Infinite and save the world from the wicked agents of Chaos.
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ISBN: 9780648992400
ISBN-10: 0648992403
Publisher: Milanko Property Trust
Publication Date: December 7th, 2020
Pages: 284
Language: English