Ask George Anderson: What Souls in the Hereafter Can Teach Us About Life (Paperback)

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Understand the importance and meaning of your life’s journey here on Earth—with the guidance and perspective of the souls in the hereafter.

For nearly fifty years and more than thirty-five thousand sessions, George Anderson, widely considered the world’s greatest living medium, has listened to those who have crossed to the other side. He has bridged the worlds of the here and the hereafter by communicating messages of hope from loved ones who have passed on, in order to help bring peace to those who continue on earth. But the souls can offer so much more than proof that there is something beyond this world. They can offer answers and practical advice about issues we struggle with daily: our finances, relationships, personal matters, and questions of faith. Having lived through the struggles we now face, they can also assure us that life’s problems are not random; they happen to each of us as part of a greater purpose and plan.

Ask George Anderson shares the most common questions clients ask and reveals the illuminating answers that the souls have provided on issues and concerns of our everyday life here on earth. They are invaluable lessons that will enrich all our lives because they’re imparted from a profound and rare perspective: that of the souls who have already lived it and learned from it.

About the Author

GEORGE ANDERSON not only works in the United States conducting seminars, lectures, and private appointments, he also has found wide appeal in Europe, Asia, and South Africa. He was the first medium in history to appear regularly on a cable television show, the first medium to gain international exposure for his extraordinary ability, and the only medium to be cleared by Network Television Standards and Practices to appear on the first-ever primetime special on mediumship, Contact: Talking to the Dead. He is the only living medium to have been invited to Holland by surviving members of the family of Anne Frank, and remains the most scientifically tested medium on Earth.. Anderson has been featured in newspapers and on television and is the New York Times bestselling author of Walking in the Garden of Souls and George Anderson’s Lessons from the Light.

ANDREW BARONE is executive director of the George Anderson Grief Support Programs and a cofounder of the Foundation of Hope, an organization that helps bring the comfort and solace of bereavement programs into communities across the United States and around the world. In 1997, he received from Kentucky Governor Paul Patton the commission of Kentucky Colonel for his work with the bereaved in that state. A former classical pianist, he has dedicated his skills and life experiences to helping others gain a better understanding of matters related to loss and dying and to furthering the acceptance of mediumship as a bona fide grief therapy. He is the coauthor of the New York Times bestseller Walking in the Garden of Souls and George Anderson’s Lessons from the Light.
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